Olbia airport
Yet another challenge against time for Vitali Spa: resurfacing Olbia’s “Costa Smeralda” runway, a nodal airport, especially during the summer months, for the many tourists choosing to spend their holidays in Sardinia.

Olbia airport was closed to air traffic from midnight on Monday March 2nd to midnight on Saturday March 7th. 6 days of intense work H24 (or rather only 4, given the adverse weather conditions that scourged our peninsula during that week) where the Cisano team, just as it happened during the 20 days following the closure of Orio al Serio Orobico airport, will have to put into action all its professionalism and specific know-how acquired precisely thanks to the Orio’s intervention.
About 80 men were employed in three shifts and about one hundred machines perfectly coordinated to lay the new asphalt pavement (about 5,000 tons) and the positioning of about 150 AVL systems (visual aids – runway lights to support air navigation). This project was the product of the Orio contract, already a benchmark, which has been replicated in this new intervention.
The work was in fact divided into two phases: the first phase, as mentioned above, lasted 6 days and, similarly to Orio, was carried out while the airport was closed. The second phase relates to the echo connection, which includes working on the surface underneath the asphalt pavement; in fact, it provides for rebuilding the substrate layers to a depth of approximately one metre.

 The contract of about 2 million Euros is part of a larger renovation and extension project requiring a total investment of approximately 20 million Euros.