Lecco Bridge
Vitali S.p.A. has built on behalf of the Lecco Provincial Administration the new bridge crossing over the Adda river which now connects the municipalities of Olginate and Calolziocorte. The new link connects road SS 639 with road SP72 on the two respective sides. On February 13th, 2009 the bridge was inaugurated in the presence of authorities and hundreds of people who gathered to celebrate the construction of this great engineering project, which was immediately opened to the traffic.
The design of the intervention has paid careful attention to define structural geometrical details of the new bridge whose typology, wants to express the dynamic evolution of these structures along the Adda river, where each bridge stands, as an example of a strong desire for progress, to remind us of the past and to hope for the future. Similar attention has been given to the definition of roads and its complementary projects. This solution appeared particularly suitable also from an environmental point of view, thanks also to the slender structural heights of the streamlined section distinguishing it. The use of the cable-stayed solution is also supported by several examples of similar achievements documented in classical and recent technical literature.