Bridge over the Brembo river
The new bridge over the Brembo river, designed by engineer Mauro Eugenio Giuliani, was built downstream of the existing railway viaduct, connecting Via G. Gozzi and Via dell’Industria.
It is an upper arch bridge, without intermediate supports in the Brembo riverbed, with an upper arch design and suspended deck consisting of a three-dimensional composite structure (steel-concrete), with steel trusses and concrete slab, relative reinforced concrete abutments with special foundation works.
Besides street lighting, arrangements have been made for the bridge to be illuminated at night.
The project involved the construction of a new roadway, reinforced concrete retaining walls covered with local stone, the construction of rainwater collection and disposal networks, a public lighting system, an at- grade intersection in proximity to the bridge connecting the pre-existing road to the new roadway and, last but not least, the construction of a box girder flyover near the Lenna side abutment to maintain the existing secondary roads.