Vitali Infrastructure: general contractor
In Italy and worldwide we are able to build, even as a co-investor, all types of mobility and transport infrastructures.  
  • Roads and Motorways
  • Bridges and viaducts
  • Tunnels
  • Airports
We do road works, we handle the construction of roads, motorways and their asphalting: we do all this as general contractors, intervening from the design phase to the delivery of the finished project in full compliance with deadlines and budgets. In a framework of absolute versatility and flexibility, the company is able to deploy men and equipment from its business divisions throughout Europe, to meet all types of requirements.

Thanks to the strong commitment of the entire group, Vitali S.p.A. holds a leading position in the infrastructure and road works sector, operating as general contractors with both public and private clients.
 The company philosophy adopts quality and continuous research as a guide for every choice.