The construction site of the South Ring Road is a strategic modernization of a heavily congested highway that involves the municipalities of Treviolo, Curno, Mozzo and Valbrembo. The intervention is developed for a total length of 4.80 km, of which 3.4 km are dedicated to an enlargement of the roadway and a modernization of the existing road, with acceleration and deceleration lanes and the construction of counter roads in order to harmonize local traffic. The green sustainability of the intervention is of great importance; for this purpose, sound-absorbing barriers will be placed in strategic points, to minimize the noise impact deriving from vehicular traffic.
The construction of mitigation dunes is planned, located in marginal areas of the road, modeled in order to allow a better landscape integration and mitigate the impact of the infrastructure on the surrounding environmental context. Safety is also one of the most important aspects and will be increased thanks to the installation of suitable safety barriers along the road sections affected by the aforementioned works. The intervention also involves the demolition of the Brembo bridge and its refurbishment, as well as the Briantea bridge which will also be the subject of an enlargement in its final form. The enlargement and modernization of the bridge on via Papa Giovanni XXII is also planned.
Large sections of the new road infrastructure are developed in the trenches, substantially mitigating the environmental impact of the work; as a result, four tunnels will be built, the longest of which will be approximately 250 m. Along the entire section of the works at stake, the construction of new earth retaining walls (counter-bank walls) or supporting an artifact (under-shoe walls) is planned. Three rolling tanks were built for the collection of rainwater equipped with pumps for the removal of water, in addition to the presence of various leaking basins and wells.