Malpensa and Linate Airports
Vitali Group is increasingly becoming a leader in the construction and redevelopment of airport runways thanks to the great know how it is able to field, avant-garde and technologically advanced machinery as well as a first level organization able to guarantee airport operators very short closing times. The group was awarded a three-year contract for the ordinary maintenance of Malpensa and Linate airports.
Vitali was also awarded the contract for the redevelopment of runway 35 at Malpensa International Airport: in detail, the works, started in mid-September, include two separate contracts for the extraordinary management of one of the two runways in the most important airport in Northern Italy.
Vitali will have to complete the total reconstruction of one of the two heads of the runway (35L head); this is a deep reconstruction, involving not only the surface layer of the runway, but the entire sub-foundation, the renovation of the systems and cable ducts as well as positioning the bases for the AVLs – lighting systems which will be replaced entirely by new, technologically more advanced and energy-saving ones (160 AVLs will be replaced in the work site).
The intervention, in perfect Orio al Serio style, which is now considered a worldwide benchmark as a type of intervention, will be carried out with a reduced runway but without disrupting airport operations with H 24 works and covering a total area of over 40,000 m².

 Besides this plot Vitali will also undertake the work of resurfacing the tarmac covering of the runway (scarifying and repaving with an asphalt layer specifically designed to handle the loads generated by aircraft traffic) for about 60,000 m² (over 2,200 linear meters). The work in this case will be done in subsequent stages and mainly during night hours so that, also in this case, it will not disrupt flights which will not be delayed or changed. Everything will be completed in only 20 days in total and, as mentioned above, without getting in the way of normal airport flight operations. The work is part of a 15.5 million Euro modernisation and maintenance project.