Val Serina Bridges
The construction of two new bridges in Valle Seriana proved necessary following the landslide of June 15th 2001. 
This calamitous event obstructed Valle Seriana S.P. n. 27 at the km. 22+400 for a stretch of about one hundred meters, causing considerable inconvenience to the road network of an entire valley that includes the municipalities of Bracca, Algua, Costa Serina, Serina, Oltre il Colle, Aviatico and Selvino.
The works performed can be summed up as follows:
  • forming a diversion with the construction of n. 2 bridges in mixed iron and reinforced concrete structure;
  • connecting section between the two bridges on the road embankment;
  • forming of a rock armour to regulate the riverbed.
The total length of the diversion is about 370.00 meters. The two bridges, both identical in length and type, are made of a mixed steel-concrete structure with a static beam design simply supported with a span of 45.00 m. Weathering steel has been used for obvious maintenance reasons, more specifically self oxidising COR-TEN quality steel.