Vitali S.p.A. for the construction of bridges and viaducts
Vitali Infrastructure S.p.A. deals with the construction of bridges and viaducts, varying in their functionality and construction materials. Building bridges helps to improve the efficiency of the road network in a given area. It allows overcoming obstacles, such as watercourses or cartographic discontinuity, and facilitate the extension of roads and rail networks throughout a region.

 The Vital Infrastructure Division, thanks to a highly qualified team, handles the construction of various types of bridges:

 cable-stayed bridges, steel bridges, arched bridges
Whether it is the construction of bridges over a river bed or of steel and road bridges, Vitali’s Infrastructure Division is able to meet every need thanks to its expertise and long-standing experience in the field.
The company carries out projects using a comprehensive approach that allows to efficiently coordinate workers and its fleet of machinery. This strategy allows the company to meet customer expectations and achieve set goals.
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Building bridges as a symbol of union
Whether it’s over a watercourse, a river or a valley, Vitali S.p.A. will carefully designs the most suitable bridge, viaduct or flyover. 
The first construction phase of the structure consists in studying the geomorphology of the area where the works are to be carried out, to guarantee the safety and stability of the infrastructure. Building bridges means ensuring the continuity of a communication route: Vitali Group is able to offer the best solution for the creation of an extensive and efficient road or rail network.