Vitali for the construction of airport infrastructure: experience and expertise
Vitali S.p.A., a leading company in the construction sector, designs and builds airport infrastructures, offering a high level of professionalism and experience. The primary objective is that of building airports in line with the client needs and to offer a service capable to meet expectations in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

 These are projects of considerable scale in which Vitali S.p.A. has acquired the necessary know-how and is able to efficiently organise all necessary resources to complete them, deploying a well-trained team and a fleet of cutting-edge machinery.

 The company, besides building new airport infrastructures, provides a range of additional services: upgrading and modernising runways as well as consolidating airport pavements.
Linate airport
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Orio al Serio airport
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Olbia airport
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Milan Malpensa – Linate
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Naples airport
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Airport planning and runway construction
A wealth of experience in airport and runway design. This is how our company operates and carries out every work order entrusted to us.
 The first phase in building an airport infrastructure is planning, which plays a fundamental role in the management of all work processes.

 The company has the best technologies for asphalting and consolidating airport pavements, as well as an extremely qualified and trained personnel.