SP 14 “Rivoltana” and Liscate variant
The Rivoltana requalification is a very complex work which is part of a very urbanised area, particularly subject to restrictions (such as buildings, urban plans for industrial expansion, elements of environmental value, etc.) where human presence has substantially changed the original environment resulting in a massively built-up and densely populated area.
The project layout starts exactly north of Milano idroscalo on the present SP14 “Rivoltana”, and includes a section of the current road network. The redevelopment section runs slightly further north-east of the intersection with the roundabout in proximity to the Idroscalo entrance, up to the municipality of Liscate for a total of 6.7 km. The current road system consists of a two-lane road section with two lanes in each direction, partly with separate carriageways and partly with a single carriageway. The current intersections are all at-grade intersection except for the one in correspondence with the road accessing the S.Felice district where there is a two-level roundabout.