TEEM project

The project involves the construction of TEEM motorway, in the stretch from Melegnano to Agrate Brianza for a total of 32 kilometers. It’s an important higway due to its connection with the Bre.Be.Mi, the A4 and the A1 motorways.
This is an important improvement for local and regional traffic and even more strategic in the perspective of Expo 2015.

The section of Teem that is competence of Vitali – foster by Norte – is an infrastructure that, from the principal beam to the connections, extend to about 6 kilometers. The layout of the principle beam, 2,4 kilometers, is completely dugout.
The technical interest for this intervention is based on the presence of the North “front door” of the infrastructure: it connects the external Tangenziale Est with the A4 motorway that will pass under the new junction of Agrate Brianza.

The main works contracted by Vitali are:

  • 2 artificial tunnels
  • 4 flyovers

The work also includes:
  • Noise mitigation
  • Drainage of water from the motorway surface

Some details

Toward South there are dugout sections that will house carriageways of Teem, an eco-sustainable project because it is undergrounded.
After there is the junction that will bring to the tool booths of Pessano and Bornago and after to the SP13 (accessory project, but very important), or orbital road of Pessano. This is an infrastructure, also dugout, composed by two lanes of each carriageway and the length is about 3 kilometers. The infrastructure will flock traffic from/to Pessano and from/to Tangenziale Est of Milan and has its principal barrier not far, in Agrate Brianza.
Another project of particular technical interest is the underpass of the Villoresi canal, which has to irrigate agricultural area of East Milan.
New subsidiary canals, works in progress, will replace the preexisting agricultural canals that rise up close to temporary building sites that, at the end of the works, will be return to farmers of the area.
Two new street-level flyovers will be realised, under them will pass Teem. But are not included the lengthen of the bridge over Molgora river, roundabouts and tunnels.