Pedemontano Road System

The Lombardy Pedemontana Motorway is a road system of about 157 kilometers: 67 kilometers of motorway, 20 kilometers of orbital road and 70 kilometers of local roads. This is a very complex intervention, both engineering and environmental, because of the development of the road, the importance of the infrastructures and the characteristics of the territory (the area densely inhabited and industrialized of North Milan, from Varese to Bergamo).

Through the realisation of Lombardy Pedemontana, we want to achieve these goals:

  • improve the East-West axis along the Corridor 5 of the TEN-T of the European Union;
  • lighten the current system of Milan’s ring road, through the realisation of an axis outside the subway of Milan;
  • complete the regional roads with a new orthogonal plan, thanks to the interconnection with the major roads of Milan;
  • reorganise the entire road system: transfer the major quota of traffic on the new infrastructural axis, in order to reduce the current traffic situation;
  • improve the report between infrastructures and environment in an area characterised by a strong environmental awareness and criticality, generating positive consequences to the environment and to the noise and air pollution, especially near to the residential areas.

Pedemontano Road System is composed by all the following infrastructures:

01. a motorway axis (67 kilometers) from Cassano Magnago (Varese) to Osio Sotto (Bergamo) that links the existing motorways: A8 Milan-Varese, A9 Milan-Como and A4 Turin-Venice. The axis is portioned into:

  • section A: between A8 and A9 motorways (15 kilometers);
  • section B1: from the interconnection with A9 to SP, the ex SS35 (7,5 kilometers);
  • section B2: from Lentate sul Seveso to Cesano Maderno (9,5 kilometers);
  • section C: from Cesano Maderno to the interconnection with Tangengiale Est/ A51 (16,5 kilometers);
  • section D: from Tangenziale Est/ A51 to A4 motorway (18,5 kilometers);

02. The ring roads of Como and Varese (20 kilometers)

  • 1° section of the ring road of Varese: from A8 motorway (Gazzada Schianno) to Vedano Olona bridge;
  • 2° section of the ring road of Varese: from Folla di Malnate to Gaggiolo passage;
  • 1° section of the ring road of Como: from A9 motorway (Grandate) to the junction of Acquanegra;
  • 2° section of the ring road of Como: from the junction of Acquanegra to Albese con Cassano (SS 342);

03. A system of “interconnected works” and “local roads”, a total of 21 interventions and 70 kilometers, in order to improve the connection with the ordinary roads, the major roads and the secondary roads.