Bre.Be.Mi project

It is an important motorway for Lombardy and an important improvement for local and regional traffic and even more strategic in the perspective of Expo 2015. The new motorway will be used by thousands of vehicles and it will also relieve the most traffic congested roads, such as A4 that is the most congested motorway in Europe.

In Italy, modernise the infrastructures is one of the most important and one of the most complex challenge, because it is necessary professionalism to carry out this project and The Vitali Group has all these prerogatives.
This is a global and modern project that need to have important and complex requirements on the technical, architectural and environmental plan. The environmental plan is really important to realise a project that it is in line with environmental respect, eco-sustainable and integrated into the surrounding area.

The project involves the building of Bre.Be.Mi motorway, in the stretch from Treviglio to Cassano d’Adda for a total of 6.5 kilometers. The total amount of work subcontracted by Consortium BBM is about 16 million euro.

The technology is congruent with the most advanced European standards and many interventions of environmental integration were made, not only measures of mitigation and balance but also actions aimed at value the environmental heritage and the surrounding area.

Some numbers

Total lenght: 62 kilometers
Total cost: 1,6 billion
Time saving: 6.8 million
Annual increase of GDP: 380 million

Source: BreBeMi Spa