Lecco Bridge

Cesare Cantù

Vitali S.p.A. has built, acting on behalf of Local Administration of Lecco, the bridge over the Adda River that now links Olginate and Calolziocorte. The new link connects the SS 639 road with the SS72 on the two respective sides. The 13th February, 2009 the bridge was inaugurated in the present of authorities and hundreds of people that come in order to celebrate this great project of engineering that it was immediately opened to the traffic. The design of the new bridge has paid great attention to the structural and geometric details. Each bridge on the Adda represents an evolution of these structures, aiming to recall the past and hope for the future. Similar attention has been given to the definition of roads and its complementary projects.
This solution was particulary suitable from the point of view of the environment , thanks to the slender heights of the structural sections. The cable stayed solutions were also suitable for the many examples of similar buildings documented in the technical, classical and recent literature.

Some numbers

Total lenght: 223 meters
Distance between the antennas: 110 meters
Height of the antennas: 38,4 meters
Numbers of mainstays: 48
Width of the platform: 11,50 meters
Height of the platform: 1,50 meters
Weight of the platform: 5.331.000 kilograms
Diameter of major poles for basis: 110
Volume of the concrete: 7.415 cubic meters
Weight of the reinforced steel: 1.055.000 kilograms
Weight of the post-tension cables: 111.270 kilograms
Weight of mainstays: 59.000 kilograms
Weight of steel carpentry: 170.000 kilograms