Door of Expo

Expo 2015

This is the most important project for the Lombardy road network in terms of road infrastructures, connecting the exhibition area to main roads (A4 Turin-Venice and A8 Lakes’ motorway) and secondary roads. The work aims to create a full integration between “Expo 2015” exhibition area and local area in order to guarantee an appropriate access to the site.

Summing up, the most important works are three bridges: Bridge of Lakes (200 meters with a central span of 80 meters), Bridges of West Expo and East Expo (380 meters each) and Cascina Merlata Tunnel (1 kilometer).

But there is much more besides, the “Door of Expo”, designed by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, is the symbol of Expo 2015, the real landmark that will dominate the expositive area. The arches are made of special fluorescent varnish studied by Jorrit Tornquist, in order to create a particular luminescent effect, both day and night. The bridge will be the only sign that will reshape the area.
A sequence of out of line bridges for a total of about 600 meters (1 suspended bridge, a A4 overpass, 1 cable-stayed bridge that overpass A8 motorway and 1 aesthetic bridge). The project is caratherised by lightness and harmony.
Above aesthetic and architectural value, we don’t have to forget technical and planning characteristics that were the successful aspects of the proposal. The application of innovative methodologies, technologies and solutions; low environmental impact solutions; the quality of materials; the strength of organizational security systems; and so on…

Some numbers

TOTAL AMOUNT: 123.600.000,00 euro
CLIENT: Infrastrutture Lombarde
CONTRACTOR: ATI composed by VITALI SPA/ Eureca Consorzio Stabile, CCC Coop (Cooperative Buildings Consortium) and CIC (Italian Company of Builders)
DESIGNERS: Pro Iter, Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel and Partners