Airports of Malpensa and Linate

The Vitali's group is increasingly a leader in the construction and upgrading of airport runways, thanks to the great know-how that is able to field, cutting edge and technologically advanced means, in addition to first level organization, able to ensu

The group was awarded a three-year contrac , concerning the ordinary maintenance of Malpensa and Linate airports. Vitali was also awarded the works of redevelopment, concerning the extraordinary management of track 35, to Malpensa International airport: in details the works, began in mid-September concern two distinct lines concerning the extraordinary management of one of the two tracks present, in the most important airport of northern Italy.

Vitali will have to perform the total reconstruction works of one of the two heads of the track (35L Head); question of a deep renovation , which covers the whole of sub-foundation, rehabilitation of equipment and cable ducts and the positioning of the bases for AVL-lighting systems , that will be totally replaced by new, most technologically advanced and energy efficient ( the AVL will be replaced with 160 in the area concern the works).
This type of operation is something of a worldwide “benchmark”: it will be performed with reduced track but without hindering airport operation jobs (h 24), and covers a total area of over 40.000 square meters.

Besides that Vitali it will also perform the reconstruction works of the runway surface course (milling and repaving with asphalt carpet , especially designed for the loads resulting from the transition aircraft), for about 60.000 square meters (more than 2.200 linear meters).The work will be perform the typically at night and subsequent steps, in order not to obstruction the operation of the airport , (in order not create discomfort and not suffer delays to flights). Everything will be done in just 20 days in total. Works within an infrastructure modernization and maintenance from 15 and an half million.