Vitali SpA Infrastructure: your General Contractor for large works

The Infrastructure Division of the Vitali Group S.p.A. works with infrastructure such as airports, bridges, tunnels, road construction and asphalting.

The company has a trained professional team with field experience. Competence is a key characteristic of the Vitali Group and allows them to create mobility infrastructure such as airports, motorways, bridges, tunnels, roads and asphalting. Vitali has a competent team capable of offering a service which exceeds all expectations in terms of quality and completion times.

Road infrastructure: the business philosophy of Vitali S.p.A.

The company philosophy is to let quality concerns and ongoing research guide every choice it makes and to offer customers cutting-edge solutions for infrastructure construction.

Our business strategy is based on an all-encompassing view and global approach. Vitali S.p.A. relies on a staff of engineers, designers and skilled workers specialising in the field of infrastructure projects, as well as a varied fleet of the latest machinery and advanced technologies.

The application of this comprehensive strategy and coordination between the entire team allows the immediate identification as well as achievement of goals.

Vitali S.p.A. works in the construction of infrastructure and researches, designs and builds large projects. The whole group shares a passion for their work and the quality standards under which all projects are carried out.
Technological progress, continuous research and strong specialised market demand in the building of large road infrastructure make the Vitali Group a company in constant evolution.